12 Colors Waterproof Red Lip Gloss

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Brand: Versiren

Color: 12 colors (matte color)

Product Name: Lip Gloss

Effect: waterproof, durable

Net weight: 3.5 grams

Shelf life: 3 years

product description:

1. Light weight, comfortable to wear, smooth texture

2. Pigment color, easy to carry and remove

3. Smooth and smooth, creating shiny and sexy lips

4. 12 colors optional

5. Portable and easy to use

Package Contents:

1 x lip gloss


Due to differences between the different displays, the photo may not match the actual color of the item.



Allen Shaw Red Velvet Lip Gloss Waterproof Liquid Lip Balm Long Lasting Matte Lip Gloss Nude Lipstick

Package Included:

1 x lip gloss