36W UV Lamp Gel Nail Polish Curing LED Lamp Fast USB Charging Nail Dryer Tool Cartoon Panda

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  • 36W Powerful Baking Glue: The high power baking glue is really dry from the inside out, the quick baking glue refuses to wait, refuses to shrink.
  • 12 Evenly Baked Glue Lamp Beads: 12 180 ° wrap-around baking glue lamp beads, covering all edges of the nails, baked and not lifted.
  • Multiple choices of intelligent three-level timing: 30S / 60S / 90 three-level timing, you can choose the time according to the thickness of the applied glue and the hardness of different nails.
  • Smart sensor fast baking glue: fast baking all the glue, infrared sensor switch, turn on the light therapy lamp to automatically turn on, the machine will automatically turn off after use.
  • USB Port Design: Portable UV LED Nail Curing Lamp can be connected with computer, mobile power supply and cell phone charger, which allows you to perform manicure anytime and anywhere or.