5ML Nail Art Rhinestone Glue Super Sticky Nail Jewelry Sticky Transparent Diamond Glue

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Product Information:

Product Name: Nail Art Rhinestone Glue
Volume: 5ml
Net weight: 14g
Color: transparent
Type: UV Polishing Gel
Suitable lights: UV / LED lamp
Certification: MSDS; SGS

1.Strong and Durable Performance: This gel glue is very excellent for applying your rhinestones to nails, but you need to cure it by UV light after you put the stone
2. Multifunctional: it can for artificial nails or natural nails, also suitable for sticking the rhinestone.
3. Harmless material: safe and non-stimulating to paste a variety of nail decors
4. It can also be used for other craft glues, but it needs to be processed by LED.


How to apply?

1. Use a nail brush to dip a suitable amount of glue and put it in a suitable place on the nail surface.
2. Take the selected jewelry with tweezers and place them one by one in the right place on the nail surface.
3. Fill the correct amount of glue into the jewelry spaces.
4. Light the lamp for 2 minutes to completely dry the glue inside the diamond jewelry.
5. Brush the unclean seal layer, be careful not to brush the diamond ornaments.
6. Illuminate under UV / LED lamp for 30 seconds.
7. Finish!

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