6 Lipstick Pens/Set Lipstick Gift Box Set, Set of Matte Non-stick Lipstick

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Net product content: 4.2g*6+15ml     Product weight: 141g (precision)     

Product color options: A, B, C        Product packaging size: 17.8*14*2(cm)

The product package contains: 6 lipstick pens, 1 makeup remover gel, 1 pencil sharpener


  • Velvet matte, colored velvet matte texture, one touch of matte coloring, two touches, blooming and moisturizing;
  • Lightweight and non-sense, mousse grain size, such as silk and soft glutinous rice, moisturizes easily, refuses to be heavy, and melts on lips;
  • The dazzling color is easy to show, with a high concentration of color rendering factor, outstanding tinting power, giving the lips full color, long-lasting and not easy to fade, dazzling all day.



  • High saturation color, with color rendering formula, unique matte high saturation color rendering, and at the same time can create matte thick makeup;
  • Excellent and moving, with glamorous red lips, you are outstanding among the crowd, bid farewell to the embarrassment of taking off your makeup, let the beauty move with your heart;
  • The thickness is soft, the touch is light, and the thickness is as soft as cashmere, and it is as smooth and comfortable as cream when applied;