6W UV LED Nail Lamp Powered by USB Cable Portable Pink Gel Nail Dryer

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Product Includes:
1x nail lamp, 1x user manual, 1x USB cable


  • You don't have to worry about tangled cables! Our UV LED nail lamp powered by USB cable, and it is very light, you can even hold it to dry your nails, it is great for constant travel. your nails anytime, anywhere!
  • Cure all types of gel nail polish.It works with all UV gel nail polish and LED gel nail polish.
  • Easy to use and save your money. Fast and quiet, no need for fans.Press ON / OFF button once to harden 45 seconds, long press 1-2 seconds for 60 seconds.You can DIY nails at home instead of going to salon. The nail lamp is also a perfect gift for family and friends.
  • Protect your eyes. The curved housing design protects your eyes, the soft light prevents your skin from browning.Compared with other products, its light is closer to white light, has no harm to the eyes and skin.Fashionable and durable 50000hrs lifestyle, great for personal use and best gift for friends.

Our UV LED Nail Lamp uses portable low power (6W) design, when thick nail polish is applied, it may need to be repeated several times to dry!