Ciara A Pair of 5 Magnet Magnetic Eyelashes(Contains Magnetic Eyeliner)

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[A stunning 3D eyelashes] There is a style of eyelashes (natural, party and everyday style). This allows you to experience the advantages of our magnetic eyeliner and eyelash set. In addition, the magnetic eyelashes cover only one third of the eyelashes, and the outer corners give you a stunning 3D appearance at once.

[Magnetic eyeliner] Our magnetic eyeliner system contains more liquid eyeliner than most other magnetic eyeliners and eyelash sets. We hope you will focus on the very convenient way to create gorgeous, thick eyelashes.

[Magnetic Eyelashes] Looking for a magnetic eyeliner and eyelash set will give you a natural look and may not be easy to find. Our magnetic eyelashes are equipped with 5 powerful magnets, each of which can be quickly fixed where the eyeliner is placed. It is also very easy to use and comfortable to wear.

[Waterproof] Our magnetic eyeliner is made of waterproof formula, so you don’t need to put pressure on rainy days and wet activities. These magnetics are small but sturdy, ensuring that you have a gorgeous look all day long.

[Easy to use] It is very easy to put on our magnetic eyeliner and eyelash set. First, use a magnetic eyeliner, just like any eyeliner. Wait a few minutes to make it tough, then use magnetic eyelashes. It's simple and easy to use!

We will also include magnetic eyeliner and eyelash curler, what are you waiting for? Order quickly