Deodorant Body Balm for Women Moisturizing and Smooth Skin Deodorant Secret Whitening Balm

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Name: Deodorant Body Balm



  • This product is enriched with multiple extracts that effectively lighten the dull underarm skin,decompose melanin,firm & repair rough pores after hair removal.moisturize,soothe,whiten,smooth out the unferarm skin,give a soft & bright appearance, help remove the underarm odors and keep fresh & soothed.
  • It has mild propertied and causes no irritation even if used after hair removal and is suitable for the areas required for whitening such as areola,elbows,knees and private triangle area.


  • The transparent gel deodorant deodorant with good scent keeps refreshing all day long.
  • With long time of odor control and humidity protection, sweat and odor are unmatched.
  • This unique formula helps suppress odor.