Ginger Peppermint Lip Enhancer Plump Lip Gloss Set

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Product Information:

  • The lips look full, and they become completely full over time. Transparent gloss, light reflective gloss and extreme moisture.
  • Our lip enhancement serum, you can also show off lip enhancement. Instantly fill your lips with beauty. Good quality and low price, especially suitable for sensitive lips, very healthy.
  • This is a plumping, moisturizing and nourishing lipstick that ensures fuller and reshapes lips in a few seconds, repairs the appearance of asymmetry, fine lines, dullness and fine lips. Keep your lips moist and bright.
  • Lip gloss increases volume and outlines lips, making lips look fuller, softer, thicker and smoother.
  • Cute designed , small size, large capacity, easy to carry, and use at any time.