GLAMOUR ME Flower 20 Colors Eyeshadow Palette

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  • High-quality pigments: high-quality ingredients matte and glitter colored waterproof eye shadow pigments, updated ultra-micronized, luxuriously colored eye shadow formula. No flying powder! Super retention and blending!
  • Safer: Our products are strictly tested and the quality is strictly guaranteed. Let you have charming eyes all day long.
  • To create unique and beautiful eye makeup, from natural makeup to smoky eyes look, you only need to wipe the eyes with one touch.
  • From super pigmented matte to rainbow metallic eyeshadows, these eyeshadow palettes are professionally placed, allowing makeup lovers to provide eyeshadows from day to night. The eyes can be defined according to each occasion and mood.
  • This powder formula uses long-lasting wear and anti-wrinkle technology to ensure that your eyes stay fresh during the day or night. All brightly colored, long-lasting eyeshadows create bold and playful makeup, suitable for use anywhere.
  • The color design of comfortable accessories helps you achieve a variety of looks on different occasions, from smoky eyes to casual cosmetics and anything in between.