Halloween Series Children's Nails Finished Fake Nails Colorful False Nails 20 PCS

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Product name: Children's Halloween fake nails
Product Quantity: 12 pieces
Applicable people: children over 5 years old
Product features: good air permeability


  • Children‘s Halloween Fake Nail : It makes your children the center of the Halloween
  • Easy to Use: This fake nail is self-adhesive and requires no glue and is easy to use. Just stick the nail sticker on your nail. They will stay on for a long time and will not peel off your nails.
  • Safety and Environmental Protection: The nail decals are made of environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic, not limited to any skin, and can be used safely. Suitable for all kids who want to create beautiful Halloween nails.
  • Occasion: It is the best gift for your kids. Suitable for home use and nail salons.

How to apply?

Step 1
Prepare cleanser, cleaning cotton and fake nails
Step 2
Pour the cleaner on the cleaning cotton and clean your nails
Step 3
Choose the right size, match your nails, and put them in order
Step 4
Peel off the film on the glued nails
Step 5
Align the round side with the edge of your nails and press firmly for about 25 seconds.
Step 6
Use a nail file to trim the false nails after putting it on
Step 7