Nail Poly Gel Kit, 3 Colors Luminous Nail Builder Gel for Nail Extension Starter Kit

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Specification(Poly gel nail set):
Color: 3 colors
Volume: 30 ml
Suitable lamps: UV / LED lamp
Used for: Nail extension

Luminous Nail Builder Gel :We provide 3 colors of luminous poly gel, they will change color in the dark. Specially suitable for party, Halloween night and any other special night.
Easy to Apply : We created this kit with ease of use in mind. With all tools and poly glitter and gels. You can get your gel nail extension in no time from the comfort of your home. You will have such fun and satisfying results to show your friends!
Long Lasting : These are 3 piece 30ml light polygons which are very unique in the market. With the new improved formula. Your extension gel can last up to a month or more with proper nail preparation (filing, dabbing, and cleaning). For even better results and lasting effects. You can apply nail dehydrator and primer after preparing your nails, or you can fill your nails when the new cuticle area grows. You don't need to delete it and restart it!
Perfect Gift - The poly gel nail polish set packed with a beautiful gift box. You can buy it as a gift which is suitable for all kinds of female ages.

You can use the topcoat as a slip solution to prevent the poly gel from sticking to the brush. There is no need for a Slip Solution if you don't have one on hand. Or you can also use 70% isopropyl alcohol for the same result. Don't dive too much! Removing the nail extension is easy. You can simply drop the gel nail extension and dab it on. Or pull it off like a PRO using a nail drill for faster, cleaner results!

How to prevent poly nail gel from breaking easily?
1. When you apply the base coat, please note that thinner is better. And don't forget to cover the fingernails when you apply it.
2. Do not cure the base coat too long or too short (it is normal for a base coat to remain a little sticky after curing so that it can attach the next gel coat more firmly for a longer duration) .
3.Please make sure the poly nail gel you add on the nail forms or nail extension sticker is not too much, thinner is better and remember to use a solution glide to completely spread the gel.