Nail Spillover Glue Tearable White Nail Spillover Tearable Antifouling Glue

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Safe Material: Professional anti-spill nail polish. Environmentally friendly formula, does not harm the hand. No harsh ingredients or adhesives which lead to damaged nails.More convenient to wrap your fingernails or fingernails and prevent spillages

Easy to apply: curved natural nails, this new peelable nail polish protector is simply peelable and easy to use. Just glue your fingers or toes on, great for keeping the sides of your fingers clean while combing to the edge of the nail for protection. Apply the area you want to get rid of the nail polish and save a lot of time to clean the excess gel nail polish

Quick drying: in general, allow to dry for about 2 minutes.

Easy to Remove: Rub the edge of the latex tape around the nails with tweezers or fingernails, then peel it off.

Function: Prevents the application of nail polish / gel on the skin.

  • Do not apply too thin. It is recommended to apply 2 coats to facilitate peeling.
  • Lightly cover the lid after using it. It will become dry with prolonged exposure.
  • The normal item will be frozen and lose its effect when the temperature is below zero.