Five Pair Stretch Black Magnetic Eyeliner Fluid Sets(Contains Magnetic Eyeliner)

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The dual magnetic design can be fixed in a few seconds, and the three magnet bands are clamped under your eyelashes to fix the top eyelashes in place. Lightweight and comfortable, suitable for all-day wear

Magnetic false eyelashes are easy to apply without messy glue or adhesives. The glue-free design minimizes irritation to the eyes while preventing any damage to the natural eyelashes.
Put on this thin long eyelashes, your eyes will look bigger, brighter and more attractive, you will look natural and gorgeous
The most fashionable false eyelashes, natural appearance, excellent length and width. These false eyelashes are suitable for daily life, parties, etc.
– All natural eyelashes

– Long full eyelashes, extended tip

– Extremely sharp eyelashes
– Very long cross eyelashes

– Eyelashes of significant thickness

-Five types of false eyelashes, natural, thick, long, exaggerated, curled, you can mix and match

The pack contains 5 different pairs of eyelashes, two tubes with magnetic eyeliner and a pair of magnetic tweezers.