Palette 9 Color Make up Matte Waterproof Eyeshadow Palette

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Product brand: DNM
Product Name: Eyeshadow 9 Palette
Package weight: 28 grams
Packing: 1 x eye shadow palette
These shadows are very soft. A beautiful sparkle of 9 colors, suitable for every skin tone, making any look bright.
*Color and inspiration from the T-stage, beautiful high-saturated eye makeup
* Exquisite opacity, paste, smooth and easy, easy to highlight the level of stereoscopic eyes, the beginning of the makeup shines
1. Dip an appropriate amount of eye shadow powder evenly between the entire eye shadow brush.
2. Add color along the root of the eyelashes to create a three-dimensional shadow gradient.

DNM 9 color makeup eye shadow makeup brush makeup palette make-up eye shadow palette

Package Included:

1* eyeshadow tray