Five Pair 25mm Magnetic Lashes Packs(Contain Magnetic Eyeliner)

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Bright and attractive luster, soft and smooth, naturally curved and light, made of 100% soft material, fluffy length looks natural. Each false eyelash is handmade.

[Compelling Appearance] :Suitable for professional applications such as wedding events, taking photos, dating, girl nights, graduation ceremonies and birthday parties.
[Easy to use] :Thick flexible strap is easy to install, low allergenicity, will not hurt your eyes, proper care, can be reused more than 20-25 times. Use eyelash adhesive on the belt, and then attach the eyelashes to your own real eyelashes.
[Packaging and Guarantee] :5 pairs of magnetic eyelashes. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee-Customer satisfaction is always our top priority.
[Non-irritating mink hair] :These fine fibers come from the tail of the natural hair loss of artificial farmed mink hair, which is disinfected and dyed before they are packaged as easy-to-install eyelashes.
5 styles of false eyelashes, natural, cute, sexy, slender, exaggerated, you can mix and match, and give you eyeliner and eyelash curler, what are you waiting for, place your order

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