12-color Lip Liner Waterproof Long-lasting Matte Lip Pencil Lipstick

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Product Specification:  5.8cm*2.1cm*16cm

Net Weight: 3.5g*12          Gross Weight:60.6g

Color: SET1/SET2/SET3

Features: full color, keep moisturizing, keep lip line lasting.

  • Durable waterproof-an outline of temperament labial makeup Waterproof formula labial makeup long-lasting online
  • Smooth color-soft and silky,smooth coloring and enjoy wonderful experience draw the outline of labial makeup easily.
  • Popular color-36 kinds of selling high color saturation plump on chromaticity color number its moisturizing.

How to use?

  1. Both upper from lip peak position toward the direction of painting.
  2. Respectively to the left,right,middle draw lip.
  3. Fill the outline color,also can use similar color lipstick painted with the lips.
  4. Complete!