15-color Pearl Glitter Eyeshadow Palette

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  • One set of multi-purpose, mix and match colors, play with colorful 15-color eyeshadow.


  • Enchanting eye makeup
  • Apply adaquate amount to the eye socket,eye head with lie silkworm,shining bright eyes,all_weather show vitality.
  • Texture sweet lips
  • With flash powder,apply adequate amount to shading in the middle of the labial ministry to build eveer shining lips.
  • Add luster to body parts
  • Apply to any part of your body that you want to shine,adding color to your boad and creating personality.
  • Shinny hair
  • Spray on the hair after modelling,quickly carry bright in the sun and light dazzling queen.


  • Fairy sequin glitter: can be used to superimpose eye makeup or use fingers to apply around the eyes, for embellishment and brightening, as well as for face/body highlight and hair decoration.


  • Fancy eye makeup with 15 colors of eye shadows, eye-catching and fun, can meet the needs of daily work and life! Various eye makeup matching display:
  • The powder is fine, not easy to fly, not easy to break, bright color and high color rendering.