4D Charm Eyes Cool Black Mascara

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☛Net content: 10g
☛Gross weight: 20g

☛High-concentration carbon black paste: Make the paste more delicate and thicker, making it easier to color the eyelashes. The texture is fine and smooth, the roots are distinct, naturally slender, without flies legs. The eyes can be kept delicately curled at all times, without blooming for a long time.

☛Silicone brush head: The finely designed silicone brush head can fit the eyelashes closely.

☛Versiren's creamy MASCARA is the best way to extend the length of eyelashes, lasting curl and full flexibility. With the eyelash enhancement and lengthening formula that incorporates biotin, even after removal, your eyelashes will look super thick, super long and soft. Versiren MASCARA is ideal for sensitive eyes because it always stays anti-fuzzing, paints evenly throughout the day, and can be easily washed off with warm water.

☛Outstanding ingredients:
Gel blend formula: Glide evenly, easily control, and increase texture.
Fine cream pigments: create a luxurious feel.
Flexible polymer: provides control, structure and shape without weight.

☛Product benefits:
gluten free
No cruelty
Fragrance free
*This product also does not contain parabens, sulfates and phthalates.