5 Pairs of 3D Mink Eyelash Packs (Eyelash Extensions-25mm-Contain Eyelash Curler)

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 1. Soft and light: Made of high-quality thin synthetic fiber material, soft and light. 100% handmade, no animal experiments.lash extensions)

2. Natural: suitable for daily use or some activities such as weddings and taking pictures.(mink eyelashes)

3. The perfect 3D layering effect makes the eyelashes look more natural than ordinary eyelashes and can always maintain a fantastic curl.(contain eyelash curler)

4. Reusable: easy to install and disassemble. Good care, each pair can be used 30-35 times normally, you can use 150 to 175 times in total

5. Natural appearance effect: This natural eyelashes give your eyes a natural appearance effect. Make your eyes bigger than usual.(fake eyelashes)

Care instructions:
1. When not in use, store the false eyelashes in the box.
2. When wearing or removing false eyelashes, treat it gently.
3. Before showing or washing your face, please remove these eyelashes.
4. Do not wash the eyelashes directly, use wet wipes to clean, which will make the eyelashes last longer(mink eyelashes)