Brighten Concealer Eyebrow Pencil(Contain 4 style eyebrow pencil)

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Versiren Brightening Concealer Eyebrow Pencil

❤ Naturally shaped eyebrows – This eyebrow stylist essence waterproof eyebrow pencil, paired with a micro fork, is the perfect tool for accurately drawing and shaping natural eyebrows.

❤ Waterproof and long-lasting – The long-lasting formula ensures that your cosmetics can last all day without stains or fading caused by sweat, rain, or even water sports.

❤ Easy to use-both beginners and professionals love our tattoo pen because it is easy to draw and fill with the four pointed design. more accurate
❤ Easy to remove makeup – the eyebrow gel seasoning can also easily come off.
❤ Professional tip-when not in use, keep the cap tight and save it to prevent drying! When using, move up and down and let the pen tip receive the liquid.