Colorful Quick-drying Long-lasting Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

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Net content: 2g
Product gross weight: 11.6g
Color: 6 colors available
Shelf life: 3 years
Suitable for the crowd: everyone

Let you have a pair of talking eyes:

Highly saturated color: full and vivid matte liquid, the pen tip is full and smooth, and the lines drawn are uninterrupted for long distances, even and smoother.

Long-lasting non-smudge: Anti-smudge formula, anti-bleaching technology, long-term maintenance of clean, neat eye makeup effect. Keep charming electric eyes for a long time.

Easy to use: The brush strokes are easy and do not hurt the eyes, and the water flow is smooth, so that the eyes are not sensitive and uncomfortable. It is meticulous and smooth, flexible, and easy to use.
Warm water to remove: warm water can be removed, the pigment does not precipitate, lightly wipe with cleansing oil to completely remove eye makeup.

Animal-free cosmetics: We believe that animals belong to our arms-not laboratories. All our cosmetics are PETA certified and non-irritating. We have not tested any of our products on animals.

Usage: as shown