Diamond Thick Curling Natural Mascara

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Net content: 10ml
Gross weight: 20g
Color: three bottle colors are available

✔Waterproof and sweatproof: to ensure the anti-fouling effect, it is dark all day long, waterproof and sweatproof and not easy to smudge. With brush and anti-clogging brush, it has a strong elastic leather texture.

✔Fast film formation factor: The paste is smooth and easy to color, and dries quickly in one second to prevent agglomeration. Creates fuller, longer eyelashes for a beautiful luster.

✔ The microfiber bristles go deep into the eyelash bed, and the comb will comb the eyelashes and separate them from the roots of the hair. The eyelash channel enriches the coating pigment by releasing the moisture-saturated Core by brushing.

✔Smooth and creamy mascara can absorb all eyelashes without knotting, peeling or drying. You can create charming and flawless eyelashes with just one use.

✔ Our fiber mascara contains mild ingredients and is harmless to sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

✔Daily use is recommended; please store in a cool and dry place.