Double-ended Natural Lengthening and Curling Mascara

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Eyelash induction, creating an all-fan effect: exclusive 10-layer brush mascara brush, showing the level of eyelashes, creating an amazing all-fan effect. Increase the appearance of length and volume without clumping. Tested by an ophthalmologist, it is safe to wear contact lenses

Define your eyes with mascara: there is no complete eye look without Versiren mascara-use this mascara to magnify intensely, the classic Versiren Great Lash, or to create a smooth, non-clumping natural makeup

Versiren is an eye specialist: No matter your iconic eye makeup, whether it is natural or dramatic eye makeup, Versiren can help you create eye-catching makeup. There are a variety of pencils and liquid eyeliner, highly pigmented eye shadow, iconic mascara and eyebrow makeup

Versiren has the makeup you need-foundation, Versiren has products to create the perfect canvas, eye shadow, brow pencil and eyeliner, suitable for any eye makeup and lip products, from show off matte lipstick to natural lipstick

Use micellar water to remove makeup: use  water as a gentle makeup remover at night and as a cleanser in the morning to prepare versiren makeup.