Double-headed Waterproof And Sweat-proof Curling Combination Mascara

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✔Gross weight: 22.5g
✔Size: 12*2*2 (cm)/piece
✔ Shelf life: 3 years

✔Smooth and creamy mascara can absorb all eyelashes without knotting, peeling or drying. You can create charming and flawless eyelashes with just one use.

✔Long and volumizing: Raise the eyelash brush and gently apply it to the end of the eyelashes to create distinct, beautiful eyelashes.

✔Curl, thick: Apply lightly, the eyelashes will instantly become thick and curl, blooming charming and moving eyelashes.

✔ Contains ultra-black pigments to bring a strong effect; provides unparalleled length, curve and volume for eyelashes, producing soft, smooth and attractive eyelashes.


✔Daily use is recommended; please store in a cool and dry place.