Eighteen-color Glitter Pearlescent Matte Mosaic Eyeshadow Palette

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  • Simple but not simple: this 18-color eyeshadow shines evenly, with colors that create fine lines and sheen and light and sparkling transparency. The color is full, and it continuously emits flickering light. 

  • Four textures:
  • Silky matte: The matte brown can be used as an earthy color for daily use, and it can deepen the end of the eye, which will have the effect of opening the eyes.
  • Shining pearl: pearly yellow with golden glitter, can be used for brightening or superimposing other colors.
  • Romantic starlight: bold color contrast, multi-color sequins. A touch of sparkle.
  • Confuse the deep sea: Polarized blue and purple background with gold and silver flashes, just like stars.


  • The color matching of the entire eyeshadow palette is of cool and warm tones, with reasonable and comprehensive collocation, which can cover light makeup and heavy makeup.