Eyelash Aid 4-Piece Set (contains Tweezers Eyebrow Trimming Scissors Two Eyelash Curlers)

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  • Versiren boutique eyelash curler set: two different styles of eyelash curlers + one stainless steel sharp scissors + one italic tweezers + six round silicone replacement pads + a pair of false eyelashes). This boutique eyelash set can provide you with a full range of services from start to finish, and can meet all your needs for curling eyelashes.
  • The eyebrow trimmer has a tight bite and trims neatly. You can cut small hairs without scratching the skin. You can also trim false eyelashes and double eyelid stickers,it has many uses.


  • This eyelash curler is equipped with a thumb-shaped handle. Our eyelash curler will not pinch the skin. The curved arc makes the eyelash curl longer lasting, creating a beautiful eye makeup for you without hurting your eyelashes.



  • The tweezers are made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and easy to grasp. The tweezers have a customized inclined top to easily remove fine hairs.


  • Please rest assured to buy, our products are all handmade, these tool sets are durable and will not bend. This care kit is the best gift for friends. If you have any questions or suggestions about this portable eyelash and eyebrow trimming kit, you can always contact us.