Five Pairs Of Magnetic Eyelashes 2 Magnetic Eyeliner Tweezers Set

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❤️"Magnetic lashes": versiren magnetic eyeliner has a safe hold for more than 24 hours, preventing eyelashes from falling off under any circumstances, and making you feel safe all day long.

❤️ "Just right volume":-Our professionally designed eyelashes are made of 0.2mm ultra-thin fiber, providing the "just right length and volume" you need. It makes them perfectly blend with your beautiful natural eyelashes and will not make you look like a charming queen.

❤️"The only set with high-quality liner":-We provide 50% extra liner to ensure that you still have enough 5 sets of eyelashes after repeated use, while other brands of magnetic eyelashes only have 4ml magnetic eyeliner, 5 There are few eyelashes, and because of the weak magnetic force, 4-5 pieces are needed for one use.

❤️"More durable ":-versiren eyelashes aremagnetic eyelashes made with double-layer technology, which are reusable and durable

❤️" animal-free and vegetarian":- All our products are animal-free, we use Greade A-grade high-quality synthetic silk to make these perfect eyelashes, not real mink, and does not support any form Animal cruelty to animals.