Four-color Waterproof And Sweat-proof Eyeshadow Palette

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  • Color: 5 colors available
  • Product net weight: 5g
  • Product gross weight: 42g
  • The combination of matte and pearl, monotonous and wonderful combination Soft and skin-friendly mineral powder: It is as delicate as silk, easy to color, and does not fly powder.
  • Vitamin E and Green Tea Essence: It is refreshing and not easy to remove makeup, maintaining bright and eye-catching eye makeup for a long time.
  • Each high-quality eyeshadow is a combination of matte velvet to sequined metal, perfect for your skin tone. Apply the primer to complete your makeup.
  • This professional makeup palette includes 4 highly pigmented eyeshadows that can be applied to the eyelids to fill the entire eye with color. The color of each series has its own unique taste, you can choose the color series that suits you according to your hobbies.