Hypoallergenic and Low Irritation Eyelash Glue

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  1.  Eyelash extender is the latest glue formula with the best performance. It not only maximizes the bonding strength, but also helps to keep the smoke low and non-irritating.
  2. Ultra-short drying time, 6-8 weeks shelf life-specially developed for professional eyelash artists, it can instantly bond eyelashes and extend the eyelash glue to dry quickly.
  3. Unique design and formula-Versiren eyelash extender is made by our partners in foreign countries. We have strict quality control and regular review system to provide you with high-quality false eyelash extension products.
  4. Eyelash industry experts' choice-All versiren products have been tested and actively reviewed by multiple eyelash experts before launch. Our goal is to empower all eyelash extension professionals by providing you with the highest quality products you need.
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