Jelly Gel Hot Jelly Eyeshadow

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 Jelly Gel Hot Jelly Eyeshadow

  • Jelly eye shadow highlighter, light and shadow shaping, three-dimensional V face, soft texture, three-dimensional contouring


  • Enhance the contours of the five senses, improve skin transparency, show the three-dimensional smooth skin of the natural makeup V face, fine adhesion, natural fit, maintain a moisturizing effect, good fruit, create a moisturizing fit, smooth the skin surface, and have a jelly-like touch. Smooth and soft, fine pearl


  • Fine pearl, brighten up the entire makeup, plump lips/three-dimensional facial features, *can be used as eye shadow, healthy and shiny skin, slimming secrets. Clavicle brightening, use with body lotion


  • Create long-lasting radiant skin


  • Before use, facial features are flat and dull, after use, facial features are clear and three-dimensional


  • Explosive products, celebrities are using them, you deserve it