LA Ten Pair Magnetic Eyelash Set(contain magnetic eyeliner and tweezer)

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 Versiren  LA Ten Pair Magnetic Eyelash Set(eyelash extensions)

  • Ten different style magnetic eyelashes.It will be you best love!


  • Magnetic eyeliner: This magnetic eyeliner and eyelash set is equipped with a special eyeliner that contains ultra-fine magnetic particles to allow the magnetic eyelashes to be easily connected. The eyeliner is not easy to smudge and can be used with a familiar brush. No adhesive required!


  • Magnetic eyelashes: Magnetic eyelashes are becoming more and more popular. Also lash extensions .We know that almost everyone wants thicker, longer and more gorgeous eyelashes. These magnetic false eyelashes will give you such an experience, while being very convenient to use and comfortable to wear.
  • 10 pairs of unique designs: different styles of eyelashes meet the needs of different occasions, ardell you can enjoy this suit, 10 pairs of natural eyelashes, look natural, long and full, can meet daily makeup, and even at parties according to your preferences night. Finally, bold and dramatic false eyelashes can provide you with a perfect look and curly eyelashes during special events!


  • Easy to use: You just need to wear a magnetic eyeliner like any other liquid eyeliner and put the magnetic eyelashes on it. Magnetic false eyelashes will quickly adhere to the position of your eyeliner. That's it! Will not stain! No stress! Just a gorgeous look!The best fake eyelashes


  • Long lasting: Our magnetic eyeliner and eyelash set are very durable and strong. Our eyeliner set is actually stronger than other magnetic eyeliners. Waterproof and does not fade. You can enjoy beautiful eyelashes all day long!