Leopard Print Thick Black Waterproof Eyeliner

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Net content: 0.6ml
Gross weight: 7g

✔Natural and smooth: The pen tip is smooth, fine and smooth, with good ductility, uniform coloring, and long-lasting smoothness and easy drawing.

✔Waterproof and anti-blooming: waterproof, sweat-proof and anti-blooming makeup effect, reject panda eyes, 24 hold makeup, keep delicate makeup.

✔Leopard print bottle, fashionable and eye-catching: Fashionable leopard-print element design, creating glamorous eye makeup, high-quality texture, bright and eye-catching.

✔Slim pen tip, accurate depiction: The slender pen tip is drawn as you wish, gently pressed for delicate and delicate, and pressed hard to show cool black color.

✔ Use our pure gloss liquid eyeliner! The ultra-fine and soft brush helps to ensure a perfect uniform line with high gloss.

✔ Our fiber mascara contains mild ingredients and is harmless to sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

✔Daily use is recommended; please store in a cool and dry place.