Long and Waterproof Eyelash Primer

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☛The addition of silk protein fiber has good tension and toughness. It is very stable under high and low temperature performance, continuous plasticity, waterproof and sweat proof, and maintain eyelash curling all day.

☛A mascara brush designed according to human eyes. The paste is white in color and contains white fibers. The hair on the comb is not looking for dirt, but is the supporting fiber used to lift the length of the cord in the primer. Make subsequent mascara color easier and more natural.

☛How to use the eyelash partner cream: curl the eyelashes with an eyelash curler, brush the root of the eyelashes upward. Use primer mascara first, and wait until it dries before applying mascara.

☛Using effect: After applying the primer mascara, the eyelashes will be significantly longer. After using this mascara, it can maintain long-lasting curling and maintain the natural thick and long dimensional effect of eyelashes.

☛After using the base mascara, the coloring is easier, and it is not easy to clump. From now on, bid farewell to the fly legs, and can keep it for a longer time. The eyelashes can still keep the roots upwards without collapsing for 24 hours.