Multi-Combination Mink Lash Mascara Set

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Starry Sky Multi-Combination Mink FalseEyelash Mascara Set (It contains eyelashes for one year use)    Let you look pretty nice all day!!!

100% handmade mink lashes .six pair mink lashes .and six different style for you

  • Versiren Starry mink lashes 
  • Versiren Miami mink lashes
  • Versiren LA mink lashes
  • Versiren Brker mink lashes
  • Versiren Doyou mink lahshes

Two mink lashes packs 

  • Versiren 5 pair mink lashes-A
  • versiren 5 pair mink lashes-B

one starry eyelash extension curl  mascara (10g)

Four eyelash curling


Two DUO eyelash glue

Versiren Super eyelashes set.You should not  miss!!

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