Six Colors Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

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  • Packing: six  eyeliners
  • From thin lines to thick brush strokes, Versiren's No. 1 waterproof eyeliner glides easily, dries quickly, and stays long-lasting throughout the day without losing makeup. The delicate marker-like nib can provide precise application for everyone from novice to professional, and can make the eye contour clear and leave a lasting impression.
  • Six colors: Our eyeliner comes in six colors, but you can get six for the price of three. You can make eyeliner of different colors every day of the week, which is very cost-effective.
  • This nib eyeliner can immediately draw a straight and precise line to reduce drag and reduce the margin of error. It is inspired by the convenience and precision of the angled eyeliner brush. Versiren allows you to quickly and easily apply clear, perfectly balanced cat eye makeup.
  • The smooth liquid eyeliner has a luster and can instantly dry to a semi-matte, opaque effect. The soft and flexible nib can deposit even and saturated colors. It is very suitable for daily, wedding, party and Halloween occasions.