Slim Waterproof Eyelash Primer And Mascara Set

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☛Volume primer + natural lengthening combo set: Volumizer primer mascara, dual-effect maintenance, lightly caresses the eyelashes to plump and nourish. Carbon black slender mascara fits the eyes and brushes the slender and delicate eyelashes.

☛The eyelash primer contains soft white milky ingredients, nourishing and thickening the primer. The mascara itself contains beeswax and vitamin E and other ingredients, double nourishment and maintenance of eyelashes.

☛A mascara brush designed according to human eyes. The paste is white in color and contains white fibers. The hair on the comb is not looking for dirt, but is the supporting fiber used to lift the length of the cord in the primer. Make subsequent mascara color easier and more natural.

☛After using the base mascara, the coloring is easier, and it is not easy to clump. From now on, bid farewell to the fly legs, and can keep it for a longer time. The eyelashes can still keep the roots upwards without collapsing for 24 hours.