21 Colors Natural And Long Lasting Matte Lip Glosses

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  • Give yourself a fabulous and beautiful lips, pure texture, shiny, never greasy or heavy.
  • Our Versiren lip gloss has a good gloss and has a unique applicator tube, so there will never be an inability to apply. Every kind of lip gloss that is good for you is preserved naturally and is infused with nourishing oils such as organic castor beans, sunflower and rose hips to keep your lips soft and free of silicon.
  • The bright colors have a translucent luster, and the formula provides ample moisture without being sticky. Put on our lip gloss, you will become the focus of the crowd, and you will fall in love with it completely.
  • This gel lip gloss is easy to put on the lips, and does not feel sticky, making the lips look smooth and full. Use the brush head to apply directly on bare lips. If you want to use it in combination, you can add other ready-made color lipsticks to complete the makeup.