Three-color Waterproof Natural Eyebrow Powder

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  • Perfectly shaped and dreamlike and beautiful eyebrows, Versiren can perfectly fulfill your dreams:Your eyebrows are filled and strengthened to give it a clear and prominent effect. Excellent long-lasting ingredients bring special care to the skin and are easy to apply. Protect the skin around the eyes and keep it from harm.
  • This eyebrow powder palette enhances your makeup. The set has three colors, each of which contains two colors. You can choose different colors according to your needs and use different eyebrow shadows for each makeup look you create. Make your eyebrows strong and shiny, and easy to outline natural eyebrows. Waterproof eyebrows are durable, suitable for various occasions.
  • This waterproof eyebrow powder is suitable for both thin eyebrows and thick eyebrows. It can be transformed into all hair colors to give you the appearance of real hair. And the powder will not spread or stain. The breakthrough formula increases the appearance of soft volume and clarity, making your eyebrows look natural, never flat or elongated.
  • In the consumer survey:
  • -100% means that the volume of the eyebrows is increased.
  • -92% said there was no smearing or smudging.
  • -100% means that the sparse area is covered.
  • -96% said it is easy to apply.