Twelve-color Waterproof Matte Velvet Lip Liner

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Weight: 1.5g/piece
Color: 12 colors

Use natural emollient ingredients to outline the lip shape:
Candelilla wax: It has moisture resistance and excellent moisture retention.
Carnauba wax: can brighten the lip shape and lasting moisture.
Squalane: Inject into the skin to form a natural barrier on the skin surface.

This professional formula will last for several hours to provide you with clear lines and prevent lip color feathering or bleeding.

This extra-long lip liner has a velvety texture that can slide on the lips and is very easy and comfortable to use. The lip liner can be easily sharpened in most standard-sized pencil sharpeners-just make sure your pencil sharpener is not dull!

Rich pigments ensure perfect lip contours, strong color output, targeted depiction, and it is also suitable for completely applying lips.