Twenty-eight Pearly Matte Assorted Eyeshadow Palette

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    • Dream 28-color eye shadows, you can match your SLAY eye makeup at will:
    • Six different textures, equally smooth:

    • 11-color matte eyeshadow: The matte color is delicate and saturated, and can be matched with four or five eye makeup. Fresh and clear, the daily color of ice powder vitality.
    • Pearlescent eyeshadow: Rich pearlescent color, random match, you will always be the most beautiful.






    • Fairy sequin glitter: glitter and glitter can be applied individually or overlaid to embellish and brighten. It can also be used for face, body highlight and hair decoration. It is also used to superimpose eye makeup or use your fingers to apply around the eyes. It is shining and you are the focus of the crowd.