Two Pairs Of Magnetic Eyelashes Set (Contains Eyeliner And Tweezers)

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 Two pairs of magnetic eyelashes set (Contains eyeliner and tweezers).

Natural styling and special for holidays! Our style 1 is very suitable for holidays, and style 2 mainly takes natural wind. Let the eyelashes grow naturally and plump. These eyelashes are soft and beautiful, the length is appropriate, and can be cut if necessary, and these will not damage your natural eyelashes.

Easy to paste! With our magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes, eyelashes have never been easier. In order to use it correctly, please follow the instructions below: Shake the eyeliner to ensure that the magnetic powder is emitted, just draw a thin eyeliner line on dry skin, and then wait 30-60 seconds for the eyeliner to dry before connecting the eyelashes! You can get a full set of eyelashes in just three steps, which will keep you dazzling all day long.

Take care of your eyes! Our eyeliner is made of high-end materials, can be close to your eyes, will not cause eye irritation! Just put on the eyeliner and glue your eyelashes, ready to go out anytime, and save time.

Durable and not easy to fall off! These eyelashes are reusable and durable. And our eyeliner is very long lasting and will not fall off naturally. Use these eyelashes to increase your selfie, and your friends will shock your eyelashes with their gorgeous nature.


    The package includes: two pairs of magnetic false eyelashes (send mirror), an eyeliner, and a pair of tweezers.