Waterproof Natural 3D Two-color Eyebrow Powder (With Eyebrow Brush And Eyeliner)

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  • The package includes: eyebrow powder×2. You only need to pay the price of a box of eyebrow powder, and you can get 2 boxes of different colors of eyebrow powder at the same time, which can be used for different makeup and different colors of hair. At the same time, we will give you one value $10 eyeliner.
  • "A well-groomed eyebrow is very different." In order to get a perfect look, everything you need is included. The kit comes with a mirror and a brush. You can fill the sparse areas with 4 different colors of powder and do it yourself Define eyebrow shape.
  • Paint rich, buildable colors! This all-in-one brow powder can easily fill, shape and shape your eyebrows. Coupled with the built-in hard-angle brush, it can be magically converted into a full-size brush for precise control and easy application! The beautiful shadows around the eyes can last a long time!
  • In the consumer survey:
  • -100% means that the volume of the eyebrows is increased.
  • -92% said there was no smearing or smudging.
  • -100% means that the sparse area is covered.
  • -96% said it is easy to apply.