Waterproof Quick-drying Super Sticky Eyelash Glue

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  • APPLIES DARK, DRIES BLACK: With its rapid setting time that is even faster than other adhesives, you will create the perfect lash look quickly and effectively. Perfect for those who want to extend the longevity of their fake lashes. DUO False Lash Adhesive Dark creates a black stronghold that glides effortlessly to your Ardell falsies while it dries dark, so if you make a mistake, it just looks like you’re wearing liner. It dries faster with the same superior and effective lash bonding formula!
  • IDEAL FOR DRAMATIC AND LUSCIOUS LOOK: Recommended by professional lash artists, this lash glue is ideal for smokey eye makeup, dark color lashes, thick and voluminous fake lashes. Many users boast that they could entirely skip the process of applying mascara for up to two weeks after using the DUO False Lash Adhesive Dark. It’s suitable for every eye shape, color, and size, and will make natural looks sparkle and dive looks even more luscious!
  • HOLDS STRIP LASHES SECURELY IN PLACE: DUO False Lash Adhesive Dark gives the highest standard quality and reliability. It ensures that your falsies are always in place, perfectly aligned with your eye shape, and comfortably attached to your natural eyelashes day after day! Best for falsies lovers who want dependable faux lash glue.
  • CRUELTY-FREE STRIP LASH ADHESIVE: From DUO - the best selling eyelash adhesive in the World, here’s the fake lash’s best buddy adhesive to get your strip lash the highest quality finish! Specially made by lash experts, this medical-grade DUO False Lash Adhesive Dark dries fast and is safe for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes! Loved by lash experts and fake lash lovers, they are 100 % cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free.
  • CONVENIENT FAUX LASH GLUE PACKS: Never run out of your favorite fake lash partner! Here’s DUO False Lash Adhesive Dark packs! Have a great value for money with its easy application, reasonable price, high-grade quality, and portability. These fake lash adhesives in a leak-free handy tube are great for travel or even when you are on the road. Put inside your pouch and bring this wherever you go! Makeup artist and makeup enthusiast go-to secure fake lashes all day.
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