Waterproof Quick-drying Super Sticky Eyelash Glue

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  • PROTECT YOUR FALSE EYELASHES ALL DAY LONG : Don’t worry, your false eyelashes will stay on your body all day long! DUO transparent false eyelash glue will ensure that your false eyelashes are always intact and keep the shape of your eyes perfectly. This false eyelash adhesive can be glued in the second second, providing a stronger and long-lasting adhesive, so you will wear false eyelashes with complete confidence and they will stay locked until you decide to close them! No need to worry about false eyelashes falling off the eyes.
  • DRY,CLEAN,INVISIBLE FALSE EYELASHES : The double transparent false eyelash glue blends perfectly with the eyelashes to complete the eye makeup and make the artificial eyelashes look more natural and sexy. The effect comes into play when you wear little or no eye shadow or have light eyelashes! Refreshing and dry, your eye makeup will be perfect all day long without worrying about smudges, creases or white film on eyelids. Use a clean eyelash to give your false eyelashes a new look!
  • EASY TO STICK AND REMOVE: Double transparent false eyelash glue is easy to use and easy to remove. Just apply a drop of our eyelash glue on the eyelash band, wait 30 seconds, and then apply it on the eyelashes-you will have clearer eyelashes and charming eyes in less than a minute! In addition, this adhesive is easy to fall off and will not stick to the skin when removed. It will not fall off on the eyelashes, nor will it irritate your eyes or eyelids.
  • Using DUO transparent false eyelash glue, sticking eyelashes has never been easier and more convenient. Just drop by drop can protect your entire eyelashes, so this eyelash tube will last for a long time. Convenient storage, carry it with you when you travel. Excellent value for money, simple application, reasonable price, high performance, portability and long service life.
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